Nesbitt’s Orange Special Dragster

Built by Bob Armstrong and driven by Maurice Richer of El Monte,California



Engine: 1951 Chrysler bored .080 with Herbert cam and roller tappets, Hilborn fuel injection, tuned exhausts, 13-to-1 compression ratio and Hunt Vertex magneto.

Transmission:     1937 La Salle and Halibrand quick change straddle mount rear end.


Best elapsed time with this engine was 9.42 seconds 155.40 mph at Bakersfield with super fuel.


Won World Championship at Long Beach in 1957




In 1957 a 1957 Chrysler V-8 (392 cubic inches with 500 hp) with direct to the rear end drive was added.  As of January 1958 this configuration was a little slower at 9.50 seconds but a top speed of 159.17 with super fuel.


Source of information is: The Flying Wedge by Wayne Thomas as published in Motor Life, January 1958.